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Talking in terms of household storage, closets still remain the most preferred and traditional choice. They come in a variety of sizes and styles for different purposes such as for pantry, garage, offices, library, laundry, garage, etc. They keep the belongings safe without making it visible. With time, people are now inclining towards purchasing customized cabinets instead of shopping for it in the market.

The reason is that customization allows the purchaser to select from the type and category of cabinet with unique specifications, depending upon what he plans to store, placement of cabinetry in the house, utility, aesthetic needs and size. Each product comes with predefined design and thus the perfect one.

Although one can store any type of material in the cupboards, but getting a good idea of the available types of different items will help streamlines the storage and make classification better. Take a look at some categories of custom closets Design.

Reach-in cabinetry This is the most common category which people generally use for keeping clothes. It features a long rod across the wall with a shelf over it. This type of cabinet does not make maximum use of space but adding unique features in it can improve its functionality, such as a separate corner for accessories, or revolving hanger, etc. One can add shelves and organizers as well to make it more useful.

Walk-in closets These are luxuries ones and take more space than regular ones. As the name suggest, you can walk into it and store plenty of material. Even the smaller ones can have room for a person to stand and select the clothing. Large ones can contain enough room to store table, mirror, bench, ironing board and hanging space for storing all varieties of clothes, accessories, gadgets, shoes, etc. when customized, these cabinets can be a true luxury, which one can also illuminate with lighting effects.

Linen closets The common placement of it is near bathrooms or bedrooms and it stores bedding supplies, tissues and towels. One can also store extra toiletries, cleaning supplies and medicines. You can get a custom linen cabinetry depending on the amount of each of the above-mentioned items that require storage.

Pantry meant for kitchen storage, pantry cabinets provide convenience to keep different food supplies in an ordered and organized manner. Depending on the requirement, one can ask for a custom pantry to store big cooking equipments like cooker, mixer and other products such as dry foods etc. The purchaser can ask for see-through doors or get additional features to make the classification easier.

Utility cabinetsĀ are quite uncommon and not every house has it. These are useful for keeping cleaning supplies like brooms, vacuum cleaners, mops, ironing board, etc. typical placement would be near service area or laundry room.


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